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I ran again in dreams last night, My bare feet skimming the ground Across the clover field that lay Between the house where my grandmother lived and my own. I was the light princess, The one in my storybook, Equally free from care and gravity, A time traveler headed for the marvels of tomorrow. Waking […]

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The world seems too big tonight To ever find the things I so carelessly left behind. The highway winds into the distance, black and uncertain and while I cannot see them, I know the ancient mountains rise behind In the wake of my hurried passing. I do not recall the journey’s beginning and flight seems […]

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The wagons are almost loaded I point my heart to the west The hands that pull on my clothing fall away As we start to roll. The road lengthens behind me, The shadows of forty years Dance behind me in the dark woods Right beyond the ring Of the campfire light

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