The author explains…

I was gently reared in rural Kentucky by hard working God fearing parents, children of the depression, who were determined that their offspring would have the educational advantages they did not. The youngest of three children, I was born asking “why”. When the answers were not forthcoming or satisfying, I grew restless. My college career took me beyond my parent’s safe boundaries of church and learning a trade. They frantically and ineffectively tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube. I left home at seventeen, and while I never had an urge to go back, the roots of my rearing always manage to push through the hard rocky soil of all my words and deeds.

I have always been compelled to write, most frequently in the quiet hours of the morning, for I am a lark living among owls. For years I scribbled words in notebooks, on envelopes, on scraps of paper that I left scattered about. Most of that is lost to me now through many moves and changes in my life. Finally in 2004 my oldest son handed me a URL for blogspot. The medium gave me an audience, opened the eyes of my soul, and allowed me to grow both as a writer and a person. I started several more, readership grew, and writing consumed more and more of my time.

Up to this point I have resisted the urging of friends and family to “write a book”, but when strangers started telling me the same I finally decided to commence. Concurrently I will be posting to this new blog on occasion, pulling some of the best from the old ones and writing new pieces as the spirit moves me. The book is outlined, a work of fiction, something very different from my former habit of “it’s all about me”. I can’t wait to see where this road takes me.