So Near, So Far

Posted by on Jul 3, 2010 in Poetry | 0 comments

Through my kitchen window

The lake is glamored in mist

I drop my coffee cup

And run barefoot

Skipping through the wet grass,

Crunching the children of the ancient oaks beneath my tender feet.

I do not stop until I am leaning against the edge of the fog.

I search the shifting vapor patiently for a sign.

Do pirate ships sail these waters?

Do sprites and mermaids dart there,

Beneath the speckled leaves?

The fabric of reality is so thin this morning

If my hand were placed just so

I could touch the door

Turn the knob

And be in that place where all things are possible

Where I walked quite freely as a child.

I wait patiently,

Anticipating, believing.

The silence is shattered by an engine’s growl, a barking dog

My head turns for one split second

And in the space between one heartbeat and the next

I become again logical, reasonable, scientific.

There will be no easy path for me today.

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