Bridgett (Bid) Doody June 7 1946 – June 7 2008

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This is a picture of Bid from our last visit in the spring. We escaped for a brief moment from the delightful gaggle of children and grandchildren that always seemed to swarm around the house and took a quiet walk in a nearby garden. Later we visited an elegant tearoom and had lunch served by ladies wearing black dresses and starched white aprons. We talked about her son Nick, my daughter Eva, and the marriage that had started and ended in a storm.

Saturday evening Nick phoned us with the news that his mother had passed away about an hour before, her breath coming quickly for a few minutes, then slowing, then stopping forever. If I were a mystic I would say she choose the day to go, her birthday, to let all friends and family know they should celebrate her life, not mourn her death. I do know she was a gracious, intelligent, witty, and charming woman, one that I was most fortunate to know and love.

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