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Skype Me

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My mother-in-law thinks I’m going to be in big trouble with the phone company when they find out we’re using skype. She has no more grasp of computer technology than a poodle, which is why I’m not worried about her ever reading this. My husband, a patient man, tried to explain the concept to her, and I, not a patient woman, laughed my butt off. She’s nervous the whole time we talk to her, so she evidently holds the phone far away from her mouth. At least this is my conjecture since she is the only person we have difficulty hearing when we call. My consolation is that we’re only paying 1.7 cents per minute to talk to her, or whatever the equivalent is in Euros. Of course it would be free if she would install it on her computer, but don’t get me laughing again.

All in all the use of my “free” Internet phone has been successful, but from time to time I get an unexpected ring. Well, in honesty, I suppose the majority of phone calls are unexpected, unless you have psychic gifts. My scenario goes like this. I’m involved in some messy or complicated job when I hear a ringing. I determine the sound is not my house line because there is a TV like quality to the sound. I finally realize that neither of my TV’s are producing the sound and then it dawns on me that my computer is ringing. The computer is, of course, asleep (I wonder what sort of dreams it has) and I have to frantically click, to bring it to life, then click the duck that marks my side and finally open skype. When I finally pick up the phone I hear an unfamiliar voice say “hello, hello” and I echo, “hello, hello”. Sometimes we do this 4 or 5 times, then I say something else like, “Who are you” or “Where are you calling from?” and then the caller hangs up. When I check the user name it is PSZEMO or NYUBR and they’re from Poland or Brazil and get this, they don’t speak English! Why are they calling to America? Do they really think they’re going to find an America who speaks Polish or Portuguese? Obviously they don’t know enough about America to be calling her.

I sit after the call still slightly annoyed by the interruption, but fascinated by the both the desire and the ability of humans to reach out to each other in a way I did not even dream of when I was in my teens. What does PSZEMO expect to get from a call to America? Knowing in what low esteem the US is held around the world, maybe he’s just calling to bitch. Perhaps he’s looking for a rich America girl to rescue him from poverty. I wish it would stop because each time it happens I wonder if my mother in law has reported me in to the phone company and this is their revenge.

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