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The moon is slightly off round tonight, and the color of a summer peach, resting lopsided on the dark horizon. A few grey clouds lie wispy across the pocked surface as I drive home in darkness. The man in the cream sedan beside me at the intersection is confused. He thinks I want to race because I left him at the last light. He had his window down, smoking, and smirking at me at the next stop. I cannot see him for the moon that follows me about the earth, ripe and ready to burst. I let him roar ahead, expending gas and pride at three times the rate necessary to beat me. This morning the sun was in a rush and pushed all the believers in it’s path, but the moon is ignorant of time, and hurries no one. Some mornings it doesn’t even bother to hide from the sun, but sits pale and breathless in the dawn until the sun lodges a protest to whatever powers run the sky. The moon only laughs at them and comes and goes as it pleases, changing shape and size in a joking way, teasing little children and lonely wolves.

The man waits for me at the next light, a cool white line of smoke trailing out the window and rising in curls before it disappears over the roofline. The light changes to green as I approach. There is no traffic ahead of me. I sail silently past him and leave him there behind a truck. The moon and I do not change our expression, but inside we are gleeful at our joke

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