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Late November

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In the woods where we fled in summer’s heat

Autumn now lies heavy on the land

Not in that crisp, delighted way of first October

Where every leaf wears its brightest dress.

It is a dreary, sodden fall, with only browns and grays

Lining the fields and paths

The mad rush of May that glamored it with veils of softest green

Now fled to shadows.

Ugly things sulk behind the trees

Where once spring elves danced, almost in our sight.

Spring is forgotten, and summer seems a dream that passed

While I struggled to rise from slumber.

I know the winter comes, yet I linger

For in this damp and sullen woods,

The frilly green things of youth that once obscured my vision

Lie trodden and crumpled on the ground.

Exposing the bare bones of the forest.

I think for a moment I perceive some truth concerning all things natural,

Like sky and earth and air, and lives lived and wasted.

But now I wonder,

Was life only about us lying in the green woods,

With no other thought than joy,

And my long hair falling in happy disarray

Across your bare chest.

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